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Unflopped is the fortnightly podcast that resurrects forgotten pop classics.

Join two pop know-it-alls and one bona fide musical genius as they dig deep into pop music history. In each episode Stuart and Sean choose a flop single that they think deserved to be a hit. Judge Joe offers his expert musical analysis, then, at the end of the show, delivers his ultimate verdict – one of the songs is declared officially Unflopped.



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Unflopped is available on all leading podcast platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast and Libsyn.



Meet the team




From the mean streets of Dundee to the gleaming towers of Brixton, it’s been a long and treacherous journey, but thankfully Stuart brought his Walkman, his Kylie tapes, and the Bible. No, not that one, The Guinness Book of British Hit Singles of course. Collector, geek, and pop music obsessive, Stuart lives to bring you the songs you never knew you loved until you heard them on Unflopped.



Broadcasting from London via Mexico City, New York, Dubai and Sheffield, Sean wears his global pop hat with pride. From pop infant to clubbing granny via the heady days of indie, he knows his beats from his bops. So, if you’re after a rare groove banger or hidden ‘80s gem then fix up and look sharp as Sean fires up his 17 remaining brain cells to deliver.



Raised on a diet of Bach, Beethoven and Kylie, Joe’s earliest memory is performing ‘Swan Lake’ to his parents while they tried to watch TV. London beckoned, and so did a music degree along with stints writing for Gay Times, ID magazine and The Evening Standard. Little did he know, this was all just a warm up for Joe-splaining things like ‘harmonic ambiguity’ to Sean and Stuart on Unflopped.



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